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Are you looking for an English tutor for yourself or for your kid? We are an English tuition agency that provide good-quality English home tutor.

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An English tutor can greatly improve a child’s learning capacity when used together with latest child-centred teaching. However, there are few factors contributing to it.

Some children’s learning capacity can be improved by receiving more educational lessons. Examples: Extra tuitions. It helps to boost student’s confidence, improve their reading, language and writing. Also, tuition gives students more chance to clarify whatever they are not clear about. With the extra tuitions, your child will be more disciplined and be more motivated to achieve better grades.
Tutors are familiar with the school syllabus, and they know what to expect and also what to be achieved. So you can be sure your child is in safe hands and learning the right things.

Also, home tuition is based on a 1 to 1 lesson. Students will be paid more attention to the lessons than in school. This will help them to understand at their own pace and the tutor will be paying more attention to their work. Small details will be looked at. Unlike in a school, classes are big and there is only one teacher. Obviously, there is a certain extent to which the teacher can help. A Tutor will personally see through the student’s work and revise thoroughly. So the student will be able to get a better idea of that subject.


A English tutor is also a trained professional who is able to keep students interested in the lesson and subject.


They can interact with students using different mediums like games and jokes. They bring out the best in every child, and they make the best environment for your children to learn and grow with. When this happens, students will enjoy the lessons and at the same time, their interest for that subject will grow. This is a good way to help students to learn willingly with interest. Money is well spent if it can help your child break boundaries and push their limits.


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